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Site & Mobile App Notes/Help

  • Mobile devices require a network connection - either carrier or WiFi. (i.e. winery data does not reside on the device.)
  • The mobile app uses the Boopsie client/data engine.
  • Changes to content on the website may take up to a day to appear on the mobile application.
  • The app will sort wineries from distance away only if GPS coordinates are entered in the database. (This is a work in progress.)
  • The look & feel of the mobile application may change via server-side settings.
  • Currently data cannot be updated from the mobile app.
  • Boopsie search provides real-time smart searching. Entering at least 2 characters for each word suffices. For example, typing 'na va' in the search bar will return 'Napa Valley' wineries.
  • At this time, searches are limited to a combination of words contained in the winery name and the region path. (See examples below.)
Search Examples (Some aren't practical, but show the concept.)
('search content' --> example of matching result)
  • 'ros can'  --> Rosenthal- The Malibu Estate (California - South Coast - Malibu-Newton Canyon)
  • 'pom pe'  -->  Chateau Petrus (France - Bordeaux -Pomerol)
  • 'san yn be'  --> Beckmen Vineyards (California - Central Coast - Santa Ynez Valley)
  • 'n z he ot'  -->  Desert Heart (New Zealand - Central Otago)
  • GPS is not required, but GPS functionality is a primary feature of the mobile application.
  • GPS should automatically lock in if enabled on the device.
  • Users can set a 'static' location from the menu.

General Web Site
  • This is a 'wiki' style site and is naturally a work in progress. Users can utilize this site to modify winery information. Data on many wineries is not complete. Many regions still need content. (Instead of complaining about content, please contribute or send an email to request our focus on updating specific regions.)
  • Please be careful to ensure that a winery does not exist prior to adding a new winery.
  • Regions/countries can only be added by an administrator at this time. Please email support to request this.
  • When adding content, please attempt to be consistent with existing content style.
  • Winery summary currently does not allow styled content.
  • Events feature is currently not accessible to the public.
Last updated: 28-Apr-2012
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