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Reviews by rjbeau

  • Visit experience: 4 2019-05-19

    Nice Chardonnays. Chard & Pinots seem a bit expensive.

  • Visit experience: 5 2018-12-09

    Beautiful estate. Excellent, polished wines. Loved the Pinot Noirs!

  • Visit experience: 5 2018-06-10

    Really nice wines.

  • Visit experience: 5 2018-06-10

    Best kept secret in Los Olivos.

  • Visit experience: 4 2018-06-10
  • Visit experience: 4 2018-05-20

    Nice wines and good experience. One of owners was pouring, so got a lot of details/insight on their wines.

  • Visit experience: 5 2018-05-19

    Really impressed with Pinots they were pouring.

  • Visit experience: 5 2018-03-11

    Stopped into tasting room mostly because it was only one open before 11am. Had really good experience and liked the wines. Recognized pourer (Jim) who formerly worked at Alta Maria. Very knowledgeable on wine/food and very engaging.

  • Visit experience: 5 2018-03-10

    Excellent wine and excellent experience. Specializing in Rhone varietals. Great tacos.

  • Visit experience: 5 2018-03-10

    Beautiful estate with a party atmosphere in tasting room. Wines don't blow me away, especially at the price points, but highly recommended visit. Went with club member, so that also may have biased experience.

  • Had their wine at Rhone Ranger event in LA in the past and was excited to visit winery. Very disappointed. Wines were reasonably priced for area, but I didn't care for many of them. Tasting room also had weird vibe.

  • Visit experience: 5 2017-12-03

    Excellent wines and excellent people. Really enjoyed chatting with the owners. Array of wines from around SB County.

  • Really nice Chards, Pinots and Syrah.

  • Visit experience: 5 2017-06-10

    Second visit here. Nice wines. Really enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc and Rose.

  • Beautiful facility and good experience, but expensive and wines didn't wow me.

  • Visit experience: 5 2017-06-08

    Amazing Pinot Noir! Tasted 6 for $20. Very highly recommended!

  • Visit experience: 5 2017-06-08

    Pinots were amazing across the board. Favorites were 2012 Rio Vista, 2012 Bent rock, and 2012 LA Encantada (nose!)

  • Visit experience: 5 2017-03-22

    Another great visit. They were pouring 3 different Grenaches that were all awesome. Also enjoyed the 2013 Tierra Alta Syrah.

  • Visit experience: 2 2017-03-22

    Very disappointed in the wines.

  • Place is kind of interesting, but wines were a huge disappointment. Calling this place a 'boutique winery' is quite a stretch.

  • Visit experience: 4 2016-09-14

    Nice place ... good wines.

  • Visit experience: 5 2016-09-11

    Great private tasting with LeighAnn. Tasted/compared Chanin/Lutum wines. Favorite was 2014 Lutum Sanford&Benedict PN. Wines are expensive!

  • Visit experience: 4 2016-09-11
  • Second visit here. Really impressed with their wines, but quite expensive.

  • Visit experience: 4 2016-09-10

    Lively and fun place with great staff. Stays open later than most, so a bit of a party feeling late in the day. Wines are good, but don't blow me away.

  • Visit experience: 5 2016-09-10

    Really like this place. Ambience and staff have been cool every time I've visited.

  • Visit experience: 5 2016-09-10

    Awesome staff and great wines. A must for Rhone fans.

  • Expensive, but impressive wines. Loved the Grenache!

  • Second visit here. Good wine and very knowledgeable staff.

  • Visit experience: 5 2016-01-24

    Great wine and learning experience. First a tour of the vineyard and then barrel tasting before sampling their latest bottlings. Highly recommend for real Rhone lovers!

  • Visit experience: 5 2016-01-24

    Decided to check out tasting room before it closes next week. Good stuff

  • Visit experience: 4 2016-01-23
  • Visit experience: 4 2016-01-23

    Beautiful new tasting room off of 154. Wines were nice. Enjoyed the Cab Franc. Place seemed a little stuffy though as they had a large, private, closed-door area for members. Kinda felt like I was in coach class in the main tasting area. Also pretty expensive!

  • Visit experience: 5 2016-01-23

    Nice Rhone varietals.

  • Visit experience: 4 2016-01-23
  • Visit experience: 5 2015-12-06

    Nice wines at really reasonable prices. Fav was Pinot Noir. A few of the wines seemed more suitable for food pairing. Very nice personnel in tasting room.

  • Visit experience: 4 2015-11-14

    Nice wines, but a bit pricey. Tried a couple of Pinot's from their El Pistolero label that I really enjoyed.

  • Visit experience: 5 2015-11-14

    Great tasting experience. Hostess/pourer Lorena was very friendly and very knowledgeable. Favorite was the Grenache.

  • Visit experience: 4 2015-11-13

    Third time I've visited tasting room in Avila over the years. Nice tasting room and good experience.

  • Visit experience: 5 2015-11-13

    Visited here a few years back and enjoyed it. Had another nice experience here with good wines, personnel, and clientele.

  • Visit experience: 4 2015-11-13
  • Visit experience: 5 2015-10-03

    Wines didn't blow me away, but were good. Really enjoyed chatting with the owner and trying the Dornfelder wines.

  • Visit experience: 5 2015-10-03

    Good wines and a fun place in the Wine Ghetto.

  • Good wines but expensive. Nice facility. Worth a visit.

  • Visit experience: 5 2015-10-03

    Nice, fun place. Second time here and as enjoyable as I remembered.

  • Visit experience: 5 2015-09-10

    Nice place and fun experience. Spirits, liqueors, and estate wines. White wines were decent.

  • Really nice tasting experience with Jim and Ashley pouring. Especially liked the Sauv Blanc and Colson Canyon Syrah.

  • Visit experience: 5 2015-08-15

    At downtown SB tasting room. Nice wines a beautiful tasting room.

  • Visit experience: 5 2015-08-15

    Awesome winemakers dinner at the ranch. Great family run winery with many loyal and fun club members.

  • Visit experience: 3 2015-08-15
  • Visit experience: 5 2015-06-06

    Wine was good, but didn't blow me away. But the atmosphere and guests there were awesome! Great little patio area to enjoy wine and mingle.

  • Visit experience: 4 2014-12-07

    Nice place. Decent and reasonably priced wines.

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-12-06

    Rapidly becoming my fav SB winery. Grenaches are amazing!

  • Visit experience: 4 2014-12-06
  • Visit experience: 4 2014-11-29

    Nice wines. Classy, kind of formal environment. $15 seems a little steep, but quality is good.

  • Nice place, but found wines uninteresting

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-09-07

    Great tasting experience. On top of enjoying all the wines, got a personal tour of winery. Then winemaker/owner passed thru and chatted for several minutes despite being slammed by harvest time.

  • 2nd visit here. Equally impressed both times. Liked all of their wines across the board.

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-09-07

    In wine ghetto. Charismatic staff, good wines. Highly recommend parking around here and hitting the small tasting rooms!

  • Visit experience: 4 2014-09-07

    Only Italian varietals. Nice place, but not my style of wine.

  • Visit experience: 4 2014-09-06

    Small tasting room on the corner. Decent wines.

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-09-06

    First visit at the new tasting room. Wines were awesome and loved the charismatic staff .

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-09-06

    Really nice wines. Enjoyed Grenache, Sangiovese, and Syrah.

  • Visit experience: 3 2014-08-16

    It is what it is. Highly commercialized. Did "Artisanal" flight and it was interesting ... better than anticipated.

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-04-20

    Nice tasting experience with the owner pouring and describing the wines. Loved the Primitivo Rose.

  • Visit experience: 4 2014-04-20

    Stunning facilities. Wines were OK, but didn't wow me.

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-04-19

    Really enjoyed the wines and chatting with Russell. Wines were a little expensive for my budget though. Viognier really caught my attention.

  • Visit experience: 4 2014-04-19

    Wines were decent, but didnt blow me away. Treana Red was definitely my fav.

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-04-19

    Wines were decent, but didn't blow me away. Liked the 2010 Syrah best. Wines were well priced. Our pourer Shelly was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic which added to the experience.

  • Visit experience: 5 2014-04-19

    Beautiful wines. Loved the 2011 Optimus

  • Visit experience: 4 2014-03-08
  • Visit experience: 4 2013-08-18
  • Visit experience: 5 2013-08-17

    Very impressed. Wines were good across the board, but especially liked their GSM blend. Good quality to price ratio.

  • Visit experience: 5 2013-06-09

    Tried a flight of Semler Estate reds at Malibu & Vine Wine Garden. Very impressed with the wine, especially the 2008 Cab. Beautiful, tranquil spot on the grounds of Malibu Golf Club.

  • Visit experience: 5 2013-04-14

    Always a favorite. Beautiful, classy facility and great Pinots.

  • Visit experience: 4 2013-04-13

    Big 'commercial' facility. Wines were decent. Fav was probably the Primativo.

  • Beautiful winery with high-end cabs. A little to tannic for my tastes, but really enjoyed the experience.

  • Decent wines and diverse selection. Nothing stood out.

  • Visit experience: 3 2012-12-08
  • Beautiful estate that I happened upon while picking up wine shipment at a nearby winery. Really nice Chards & Pinots!

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-20

    Expensive! But loved their big wines. Fav was 'Ingenuity', but all were really good!

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-20

    Small operation producing Italian varietals. Great, personalized visit with owner Chris. Wines were nice ... especially liked the Dolcetto.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-20

    Impressive wines and beautiful facility. Favorites were the Pinots.

  • Visit experience: 4 2012-10-20

    Decent wines, but nothing blew me away. Favorite was the Black Label Zin.

  • Recommended by Peloton Cellars. A little bit off the beaten trail in a warehouse area on a dead end. Wines were really nice and staff was great. Worth a stop.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-18

    The wines were a little too sweet for my taste, but the experience was excellent. Old converted school house has art on one side and wine tasting on the other. They have a pretty diverse selection of wines and some interesting blends. I personally liked the Pinot Noir the most. Owners and pourer (Alex) were great.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-18

    I wasn't super excited when heading to Tolosa since it's so big, but it came highly recommended. Was pleasantly surprised. Wines were really good ... especially the Pinot Noir. Staff was awesome despite the fact that there were numerous people coming and going. Definitely recommend.

  • Visit experience: 3 2012-10-17

    Spectacular 'boardwalk' location, but has more of a bar/store feel than tasting room. Wines were pretty good.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-17

    Nice diverse selection of wines. Fav were the Chard and Pinot Noir. Staff was great - enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-17

    Great wines and great, personable staff. Learned a lot about the wine industry in the area.

  • Tasted their Napa and Yountville cabs at the SummerTaste wine event in Santa Monica. Loved them. Best Cabs I've had in a while!

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-10-10

    Tasted their wines at SummerTaste wine event in Santa Monica. One of the highlights of the night!

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-08-11

    Super friendly staff. Nice wines ... fav was "Kissing Cousins" white blend.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-08-11

    Beautiful facility and friendly staff. Wines were the fav of the day. Loved the "Dogtown" 06 Zin.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-08-11

    Enjoyed the wines, but limited selection since they are a small producer. The 'Sauterne' dessert wine was amazing! Great talking with the owner Frank, who is a real straight-shooter with huge passion for his wines.

  • Really nice experience. Staff was great and even gave us a mini tour of the facility. Wines were excellent, but a bit expensive. Brutus, the tasting room 'mascot', added to the experience.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-08-11

    Really nice Rhone style wines. Especially liked "The Pick"

  • Tasted their wines at SummerTaste event in SantaMonica. Good wines overall. The 2007 Zin was my favorite Zin of the night

  • Tasted their wines at SummerTaste event in Santa Monica. Really enjoyed the wines and chatting with the owner.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-08-08

    Tasted wines at SummerTaste in Santa Monica. Excellent wines ... especially the Grenache Rose!

  • Visit experience: 4 2012-08-08

    Tasted wines at SummerTaste in Santa Monica. Nices wines. Especially liked their 2009 Merlot.

  • Tasted their wines at the SummerTaste event in Santa Monica. One of the best of the night!

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-07-11

    Tasted their wines at the SummerTaste event in Santa Monica. One of favorites of the evening. I generally only drink reds, but their Viognier and Merlot Rose were amazing!

  • Tasted their wines at the SummerTaste event in Santa Monica. This was the highlight of the night for me. Loved all of their wines across the board! For L.A. locals, their wines are being poured at Redd Collection in Culver City.

  • Favorite winery of the day. Loved their Pinots, esp the 2008 Sonoma Coast. Staff was awesome and definitely helped make the experience.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-06-02

    Very scenic facility. Very friendly and engaging staff. Wines were quite nice ... fav was the 2009 Dry Creek Valley Zin.

  • Visit experience: 3 2012-06-02

    Was a little disappointed with this experience. Heard great things about the wines and had high hopes, but nothing impressed. Staff seemed a bit aloof about the whole process.

  • Beautiful facility and really good wine, but expensive!!! Especially liked the Forchini Zin!

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-04-21

    Really nice tasting room. Loved their Syrah and Cab.

  • Visit experience: 3 2012-04-21

    Pretty mediocre tasting room experience. Wines were OK, but nothing stood out.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-04-21

    Great day at the tasting room. They are pouring all of their grenaches today. Favorite by far is 08 Purisima.

  • Pleasantly surprised by the tasting at the winery. Great environment to wander around and mingle with others.

  • Visit experience: 5 2012-04-14

    Nice tasting room a block off of main drag in Los Olivos. Really enjoyed the reds here.

  • Visit experience: 4 2012-04-02
  • Visit experience: 3 2012-04-02
  • Visit experience: 3 2012-04-02
  • First time at the new tasting facility. Extremely convenient for westsiders! Really nice facility and super nice staff. Wines are pretty good. Surprisingly serious reds for Malibu grapes!

  • Visit experience: 2 2011-11-06
  • Visit experience: 5 2011-11-06

    A must visit in Russian River Valley. Great views and great Chardonnays and Pinots.

  • Visit experience: 4 2011-11-05

    Release party at Dog patch Wine Works.

  • Visit experience: 5 2011-10-08

    One of my all-time favorite wineries. Not cheap, but great Syrahs and Grenaches. Definitely worth doing the PMV tasting.

  • Visit experience: 5 2011-10-08

    Nice facility with friendly staff. Most memorable wine was Viognier.

  • Lea
    Visit experience: 5 2011-10-08

    Shared tasting room with Tensley and Carina. I don't usually go for whites, but had to buy the Lea Chard!

  • Visit experience: 5 2011-10-08

    Nice little tasting room. Wines are good, but don't think they are pouring their best.

  • Visit experience: 3 2011-10-08

    Decent wines, but been disappointed with my last couple of visits here.

  • Visit experience: 4 2011-08-29
  • I love the quaint little tasting area they have in the winery. I'm not sure it will have the same appeal when their large tasting room is complete. Their Pinots are really nice, but fairly expensive.

  • Visit experience: 4 2011-07-16

    Decent place with OK wines.

  • Visit experience: 4 2011-07-16

    Too large for my tastes. Wine was OK, but nothing stood out.

  • Visit experience: 5 2011-07-16

    Really nice. Large tasting room ... not super quaint, but great Pinots! Especially loved the 'Califa Selection' Pinot.

  • Nice tasting room in downtown Solvang. Wines are really nice and reasonably priced for the quality.

  • Visit experience: 3 2009-10-17
  • Visit experience: 4 2009-10-17
  • Love the Merlot here!

  • Visit experience: 4 2009-06-06

    Way off the beaten track and not a 'traditional' tasting environment. Wines were pretty good and I really enjoyed chatting with the owner.

  • Visit experience: 4 2009-06-06

    Found while exploring. Nice wines. Especially liked their dessert wine.

  • Loved the Pinots here. Great little tasting room in a converted barn. Highly recommend.

  • Visit experience: 4 2009-06-05
  • Visit experience: 4 2009-06-05
  • Visit experience: 4 2009-06-05
  • Visit experience: 4 2009-06-05

    One of my fav Oregon wineries, but kinda $$$

  • Visit experience: 3 2008-11-16
  • Visit experience: 5 2008-11-16
  • Visit experience: 4 2008-11-16
  • Visit experience: 4 2008-11-16
  • Visit experience: 4 2008-11-16
  • Visit experience: 5 2008-11-16
  • Visit experience: 5 2008-10-25
  • Visited this place based on their great history. Decided to do the tasting of their high end Cabs as I normally don't get a chance to try $100+ wines. Was quite disappointed. Found the wines were no where near as good as some at lesser known wineries I visited earlier in the day.

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