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Unique characteristics mark the difference between an everyday wine and a truly fine wine, and those differences always originate in an exceptional wine grape vineyard.

At Trimble Estates, the very core of our vineyard is a shimmering lake, which plays a key role in building a unique, moderating micro-climate, perfect for the production of world-class Syrah.

The vineyard is located in the northeast section of the Lodi Appellation, already known for award-winning Rhone-style wines. Soils are shallow and nutrient poor, allowing us fine control over the water and nutrient supply to our vines, with practices such as regulated deficit irrigation and balanced soil fertility. Our vines therefore can be maintained with perfect growth vigor and balance, leading to enhanced wine grape quality. To further optimize the specific microclimate in vine fruiting zones, all our vines are trained onto a VSP (Vertical Shoot Positioned) trellis system, and advanced canopy management practices are employed.

The combination of state-of-the-art viticulture practices with the natural cooling influence of our lake and Sacramento Delta breezes, results in ideal slow ripening conditions. All uniquely contribute to enhancing complex fruit flavors with ample acidity and balanced tannins – the makings of an excellent and memorable wine. You won’t want to miss our first Trimble Estate Syrah release.

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