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It was a series of shared experiences between Ellie Anest and Aurelien Roulin which led to the creation of ElevenEleven Wines.

French-born, but of Swiss heritage, Aurelien was raised in the ancient wine-growing region of Jura between Burgundy and Switzerland. At the age of twenty, Aurelien came to the US to pursue a career in acting, acrobatics and entertainment. During his time in the US, Aurelien lived in both Los Angeles and Napa. This time in Napa awakened his family heritage and passion for wine.

American-born, but of Greek heritage, Ellie gained an appreciation for the land from her father's farm in Nebraska where she was raised with her three sisters. She and her family moved to California where she attended college in San Diego and soon found herself living and working in the fast-paced, competitive world of Southern California, as a business executive.

So, it was a chance encounter that led to their immediate connection on the flight home from Paris to LA in April 2010. And, it was a series of shared moments in the Napa Valley where these two friends decided to become business partners and purchase vineyards in the Oak Knoll district to satisfy their craving for wine country lifestyle. And, it was their unending curiosity which motivated them to inquire with Kirk Venge how to best make wine that would represent their collective history, passion for wine, and love of the land.

Before long, it all came together. They had fulfilled their dreams and followed their intuition to become vintners in the Napa Valley.

Like spotting 11:11 on a clock, it was a moment of synchronicity. They felt alive and connected. They paused to reflect on the past, looked ahead to the future, and enjoyed the very moment. To them, this is what it was all about.. Becoming present. Listening to their hearts. Appreciating those around them. Being receptive to new experiences and welcoming the unknown.

This wine
And our chance meeting
Are no coincidence.
The road here is behind us
And the path ahead is unknown.
Together we share this moment.
The time is now...

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620 Trancas St, Napa, CA 94558, USA

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